I don’t understand something…

I don’t understand something…or maybe I do. Many people are assholes.

I work in an afternoon school. Despite my busy schedule, I had to exert some extra effort to make it to afternoon school every Monday. I make sure that those in charge understand this. Yet, I rarely get a proper thank-you.

Mind you, I don’t need the extra income. I’m there to help out. In fact, I made $1,961 in my smart sports investments today alone. My boss wanted to discuss this with me today, but he ended up having meetings with clients and talking to other staff. He didn’t spend much time interacting with me. Why? I’m sure that the meetings are important, but then talking to other staff instead of me?

Again, I don’t need the extra income from the school. Today, as mentioned, I made $1,961 in my smart investments. Two days earlier (Saturday), I made $2,304 in my smart investments. Three days earlier (Friday), I made $993 in my smart investments. Over the past month, I have had way more days of profits than losses (by a 2-to-1 ratio).

I did some hockey broadcasting during the fall and winter. I have written several books. I make extra effort to help out at the school. Yet, people around prefer engaging in meaningless gossip and conversations instead of wanting to talk to me.

And in fact, today there was a visitor to the school whom we all know. She said no more than 10 words to me in greeting me and saying goodbye. Yet, she had a lot of things to say to another teacher there. Oh, okay.

And there was also something wrong with my scheduling that I wasn’t informed about today — something that at least one staff member knew — but I wasn’t informed. And they’re busy chitchatting amongst themselves, etc. etc. etc.

Fine, don’t talk to me.

This just goes to show that people are assholes. These words are here to stay. Whatever I type here, these are my experiences and what I encountered. I don’t delete any of this stuff.

All I can say is that people are assholes.


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