Well, here’s my version of “the last word.”

Here are some websites that I like:

McFarlandPub.com, where you will be able to search McFarland’s website for its vast collection of academic and nonfiction books

Rowman.com, where you will be able to find Rowman & Littlefield’s vast collection of books.

Vacay.ca, a site dedicated to Canadian travel destinations

AdrianBrijbassi.com, a site featuring journalist Adrian Brijbassi’s travel writing

CamyTang.com, the official website of author Camy Tang

RogerChong.com, the official website of jazz composer Roger Chong

KatieRoxMusic.com, the official site of Katie Rox and her latest happenings in music

ReviewCarnival.com, a review blog dedicated to reviews of romance and business books

ChrisRonald.com, the official site of singer/songwriter Chris Ronald

Overanything.com, Rick Jessup’s blog on food and beer



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