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Talking 1988 Dodgers in electronic media: Here is an online story about The 1988 Dodgers, written by sports journalist and fantasy sports writer Drew Farmer (September 2018).

1988dodgersIn 2010, I first reached out to former LA Dodgers general manager Fred Claire – who was the GM of the 1988 World Series-winning Dodger team – because I was writing a book about one of his former players, Tom Candiotti.

Fred did not know who I was. However, he was happy to help out. He and I spoke about Tom, and I used some of Fred’s insights for that particular book. Over the years, Fred remained in touch with me via email, to chat and to ask how Tom was doing.

Fast forward to December 2016. I received an email from Fred, who wanted to see if I was writing new books. He expressed admiration for the Candiotti book that I had written. At the time, I did not have anything planned, but Fred told me to reach out if I ever needed anything.

I jokingly said that enough books have been written about the 1988 Dodgers. Fred didn’t think so. He reminded me that 2018 would mark the 30th anniversary of the last Dodgers’ championship… and the seed was planted.

Having less than a year to write this (because publishers typically take at least 9 months to have a book published once a contract has been signed), I finished by October 2017. The complication was that the 2017 Dodgers went to the World Series – and went to a seventh game against Houston – causing me to re-write some of the things in the manuscript.

Another thing was the publisher made me revamp the way I had arranged the chapters. It was fine. I accommodated them. It took up a lot of extra time, but I was happy to accommodate the publisher.

At the end, it was the most enjoyable book project that I had ever dealt with. I hope you will enjoy the book too. Just click on the image above and you will be directed to the publisher website where you can purchase the book! 🙂


Boston Globe legend Bob Ryan was kind enough to provide a review for The 1988 Dodgers.


Former long-time Dodgers broadcaster Ross Porter had this to say about the book on Twitter:


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