Teaching to Inspire

“You are a good and responsible teacher.” – LW, August 2020.

“My English is so poor. More practice is needed. But your lesson gave me more confidence to learn more knowledge.” – HS, August 2020.


KP began teaching English as a Second Language in 2002, and continued on as an instructor (mostly as a Business English instructor for international students) and curriculum developer until 2011.

After taking a three-year break to pursue other career opportunities (in sports media and in advertising & management), KP resumed teaching again during the 2014-15 school year on a part-time basis, delivering lessons in high school subjects ranging from English to Social Studies as well as SAT Preparation and IELTS.

In 2014, KP was invited to give a motivational speech to a group of third-year engineering students at the University of Dayton in Ohio. (See video above)

In 2015, he wrote “150 Common Written & Spoken Errors Made by ESL Learners” to help ESL learners improve their speaking and writing. The book can be purchased here.

In 2016, he 100Additionalresumed teaching Business English on a full-time basis (and ESL on a part-time basis), providing international students plenty of useful vocabulary practice as well as job interview skills. In his classes, he also gives students ample opportunity to practice using expressions that are common in business and everyday situations.

KP also developed an SSAT curriculum for one institution using relevant materials and vocabulary to help kids who are planning to take the SSAT. He made time to prepare an IELTS program for another school as well, helping students achieve their target scores through his lessons.

That same year, KP wrote “100 Additional Common Written & Spoken Errors Made by ESL Learners,” which can be purchased here.




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