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I really don’t get it

I really don’t get why people are just so vicious. This is a screen shot of random people making personal attacks on each other on social media. I do not know any of these people — and there are numerous examples of these attacks online — but it’s just sad that people can’t be civil anymore.

And it isn’t just the pandemic. I’m apalled that some people post videos of others’ misfortunes and mock them, for instance a fellow human being falling — and hurting himself — because that individual was trying to pull off a stunt. Why are we laughing at people’s misfortunes in the first place?

So, we live in a society where we are entertained by other people’s problems?

As I said, I really don’t get it.

SMWW Sports Broadcasting Certificate

Here is my Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) Sports Broadcasting course certificate:

K.P. Wee Broadcasting Demo Reel

K.P. Wee
Sports Talk Radio Demo Reel 2021

Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) Sports Broadcasting, 2021
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Example #8,464 of people’s negativity…

Why don’t they just take their negativity elsewhere?

Featured on CityNews Montreal – 6/26/2021

The Montreal Canadiens’ appearance in the Stanley Cup Final meant the franchise’s first berth in the championship round since 1993 — and it prompted CityNews Montreal to reach out and interview me about my 1993 Habs book: