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Time for some Yogi-ism…

Which baseball fan doesn’t like one of those Yogi-isms? #mental #physical #baseball



May 9, 2018 Vancouver Canadians Game Day (TSN1040)

Whew… a day of teaching during the day and then off to the TSN Radio studios to talk baseball as a guest on Vancouver Canadians Game Day.

Here’s the episode.

TSN 1040 Canadians Game Day – May 3, 2018

Here is the third episode of Season 10 – Vancouver Canadians Game Day.

April 26th Appearance on TSN 1040 Vancouver (April 26, 2018)

I was invited to be in studio for Season 10, Episode 2 of Vancouver Canadians Game Day by host Rob Fai, along with four other guests (Lou Filippo, John Stewart, Niall O’Donohoe, Steven Von Vooght).

Here is the link of the show.

I was part of the first half hour as well as the final hour, where “The Bullpen Session” was in session – a round-table discussion about the hot topics in baseball.


Talking baseball on TSN Radio


I had the opportunity to talk baseball with Rob Fai last Thursday (April 19) as Vancouver Canadians Game Day made its 10th season debut. It wasn’t my best effort, but it’s always exciting to talk baseball.

Thanks to Rob for having me on in the first segment*. I strive to do better in future appearances.

*Not sure how long these links stay online, but I have downloaded a copy of the audio for my own collection.