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What’s the point of this “story”?

It’s no wonder why many athletes aren’t fans of the media. They stir the pot at times when it’s not necessary. Case in point this “story” by Greg Wyshynski:

The Golden Knights have been playing well, and Lehner, as the writer himself admitted, has been doing the job in the crease. Yet the writer chooses to question team management’s decision to keep starting Lehner when the goal of the game is TO WIN. Like it or not, pro sports is often about “what have you done for me lately?” and if Lehner has been outplaying Fleury, shouldn’t the team continue to keep going with the hot hand?

And of course it seems like the media often plays the second-guessing game and if, say, Fleury played because of sentimental reasons and Vegas got eliminated in the early rounds, those same writers would likely be criticizing the team anyway.

Honestly, this ESPN “story” shouldn’t even have been written. What’s the point? I mean, other than stirring things up?

The K.P. Wee Podcast: Fred Claire

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