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Do what she says! Pick up John Cangelosi’s biography today!


This will never happen again…

… John Cangelosi ahead of Mike Trout! Will never happen again – so it’s nice to have photos of this 😉


Cangelosi book to be released next week

My biography on former Major League Baseball outfielder John Cangelosi will be released in a few days, with the Kindle version already available online.

Cangelosi’s story is one that inspires, and it’s precisely the reason that I chose to reach out to him and interview him for this book.

As I’ve frequently said, ‘Teach to inspire. Write to inspire.’ I believe I’ve done just that with this book.

Writing: Finding inspiration through Church’s Chicken…


I’m just clearing the photo album on my phone – because, as time goes by, the photos just pile up if I don’t take some time to organize or delete them.

These are from mid-May, when I stopped by Church’s Chicken and was told it’d be a 15-minute wait for the order.


So, I took out my notebook and brainstormed some ideas for my writing.

Some time after I’d finished eating, my phone rang and it was an interview subject getting back to me wanting to do that interview at that particular moment.

(It was regarding a book I’m writing dealing with advice for young people wanting to get into the world of sports business.)


It was good timing because I was able to ask him some different questions that I’d come up with during the waiting time – and I’d scribbled down those ideas.

You just never know when inspiration comes. And for those who scoff at the idea of carrying a notebook when many people simply store their ideas on their smartphones or electronic devices… well, what happens if your device runs out of battery and you need to be on your phone too for that important call?

I have a couple of devices, and I have that notebook as a backup…

Life as a Writer – July 6, 2019

Talk about deja vu.

Back in 2017, when I had to submit my manuscript on the 1988 Dodgers to the publisher by the end of October, the 2017 Dodgers were battling the Houston Astros into a seventh game of the World Series into November.

It was important for me to submit the manuscript on that 1988 Dodgers book after knowing the outcome of the 2017 World Series for obvious reasons. Either the Dodgers’ championship drought would continue, or it would be snapped. It affects the wording of some of the things I’d written.

Fast forward to 2019. The manuscript for my book on the 1992-93 Canadiens was due on June 30th, and I submitted it on the 25th.

Unbeknownst to me, hours later, the announcement of Guy Carbonneau, captain on that championship team, being elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame would come. I was stunned. Again, it affected how I would need to word certain things because I made it clear in the manuscript that the only HOFers playing on that team were Roy and Savard. D’oh.

And there was no rumor of Carbonneau being close – at least to my knowledge – as a possible candidate elected this year. There were other names thrown around this year, but, to my knowledge, not his.

Anyway, it means time for some serious editing when the time comes.