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TED Talk: How to Make Stress Your Friend

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TED Talk: A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter

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Kind and caring – but sometimes not respected

I’ve always been a kind and caring instructor – and those who have worked with me and know me well realize this. I’m caring toward fellow teachers and their classes.

However, there are always those who do not respect me. That’s life. That’s part of the dynamic in classroom settings. But I accept this and don’t pout about it. It is what it is.

I will still treat others around me with respect – in spite of the way others treat me. That’s the way I am.


Thursday’s Video Journal

Watch the following video and then answer the question below:

Question: What can we learn from this news story?

(Note: This is now the end of Week 3. So, by now, you should know what kind of information to include in your writing – without any hints.)

7/30/18 Childhood Toy

Describe your favourite childhood toy.

Do you think it’s important for boys to play with “boys’ toys” and for girls to only play with “girls’ toys”?

Do you think it’s good if parents only buy “educational” toys for their children?