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Last week’s classes…

IMG_8375Here are a few highlights from last week’s classes.

It was pretty cool as I was trying to explain the “historic present” in class. Instead of giving other examples, I simply pulled out my book “The 1988 Dodgers” and gave an example from page 199…

Or, I suppose I should say:

It’s pretty cool as I’m trying to explain the “historic present” in class. Instead of giving other examples, I simply pull out…


And here’s me in another class going over paraphrasing. As long as students follow the plan, the step-by-step process, they will be fine.



Writing & interviewing former athletes between classes…


This was where I interviewed former Flames captain Jim Peplinski about an upcoming book I’m writing. It was a Friday morning, with light rain, and it was at BCIT’s Burnaby campus.


I was not able to book my usual (free) meeting room in time on this particular Friday morning, so I used the time between classes (ie. classes that I’m teaching) to have this interview outdoors – it was good enough for the purposes of the interview.


Then, after that, I went to teach my next class…

This next one here is me getting organized (again, in between classes) as I was about to speak with former major-league pitcher Tim Leary about another upcoming project. This was a Thursday, and I was able to secure a (free) meeting room for the discussion. Right after the call, it was off to my usual class. So, busy times!


This brings back memories of last year, when for months I worked on the 1988 Dodgers book… it was always doing interviews before classes, in between classes, and then writing up notes, editing the manuscript, etc… I enjoyed it all. It was fun.

TED Talk: How to Make Stress Your Friend

For educational purposes only…

TED Talk: A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter

For educational purposes only…

Kind and caring – but sometimes not respected

I’ve always been a kind and caring instructor – and those who have worked with me and know me well realize this. I’m caring toward fellow teachers and their classes.

However, there are always those who do not respect me. That’s life. That’s part of the dynamic in classroom settings. But I accept this and don’t pout about it. It is what it is.

I will still treat others around me with respect – in spite of the way others treat me. That’s the way I am.