From 2012-2013, KP hosted various programs on CJSF Radio (90.1 FM) in Burnaby, British Columbia including regular contributions to “Smitten by the Written,” a show where he interviewed lesser-known songwriters and authors.

After a nine-month hiatus, KP returned to the airwaves in January 2014 and began doing a program called “This Week in BC Minor League Sports,” where he recaps local sports action on CJSF Radio.

Here is a sample of KP’s radio shows from 2012-2013:

6/6/2012: Interview with Toronto jazz composer/songwriter Roger Chong

5/16/2012: One episode of the six-part series with author Adrian Brijbassi where he and KP discuss writing (broken into three segments here)

3/12/2012: Interview with Camy Tang, author of the “Sushi Series”

3/12/2012: Interview with Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Chris Ronald

2/22/2012: Interview with Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Katie Rox

2/15/2012: Interview with Toronto-based singer/songwriter Cheryl Thibideau

1/25/2012: Interview with Langley-based songwriter James Hill

Here is a sample of “This Week in BC Minor League Sports,” a program which began in 2014:

1/10/2015: Recap of the Vancouver NW Giants (BCMML) and Cariboo Cougars’ (BCMML) runs during the 2014 Mac’s Midget AAA Hockey Tournament

10/18/2014: Recap of the first four weeks of the 2014-15 BC Major Midget Hockey League

5/3/2014: Recap of the 2014 Telus Cup in Moose Jaw

4/12/2014: Recap of the week in local amateur sports, including action from BC Female Midget AAA Hockey

1/25/2014: Debut show for “This Week in BC Minor League Sports”

**More of KP’s work can be found at and KP’s Radio Blog.**


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