“I don’t feel sorry for you…”

Today, a student told me that he’d read on the news that property taxes are rising in our province. I asked him what he thought about it. Initially, he said he felt awful because he had to pay more when making everyday purchases.

However, I set him straight and explained what property taxes are. I then recalled what a colleague named J once told me when we were having a casual conversation about an unpleasant situation that I was encountering. She said, “I don’t feel sorry for you. It’s your life. I don’t feel sorry for you.”

Well, I can then be an asshole like J. and say the same thing about things like rising property taxes. I can just walk around and say, “I don’t feel sorry for those people. It’s their life….” But I’m not an asshole like J. So, I won’t say that.

Yeah. “I don’t feel sorry for you…” What an asshole… what a jerk-like comment.

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