People ask me how and why…

People ask me how I can afford so many different sports jerseys and why I often have food deliveries. 

To answer the second question first, let me explain that I’m always busy because I’m always in demand by schools. The administrative staffs in these schools are often asking me to teach new classes and work on other projects. I sometimes say yes, and I sometimes say no. However, I do receive many requests. I am so busy that I haven’t had time to write. Also, I need time to pursue my hobbies, so I’m busy. (Unfortunately, some people keep telling me to “drop” my hobbies so I can spend that time to make more money. I’m like, “What?” No thank you.) The point is I don’t have time to do a lot of other things due to my busy schedule, so I often have food delivered to me.

Just to give an example, my of my schools scheduled me to be teaching a class Mondays from 9:30 to 2:30, with the school location being in Richmond. The other school scheduled me to teach in-person classes in Vancouver (25 minutes away by car) from 2:30 to 9:00. I have said I couldn’t do too many classes, but the schools have told me I’m their best, their superstar, their best player, and I ultimately agreed. 

So, to make things work, I teach on Mondays in Richmond with this class being online starting from 9:30. Then, we take a break for lunch at 12:15, and I hop into an Uber to head over to the Vancouver school (it’s a separate school with no affiliation to the Richmond school) to resume that class at 1:00. Then that online class finishes at 2:30, and I’m able to have my Vancouver in-person classes beginning at 2:30. 

During such a busy day, I need to be commuting and teaching, and I literally have no time to prepare my own lunches or pick up food, etc. I have them delivered. I’m helping keep people employed (ie. being delivery people).

As for the first question of how I can afford so many different sports jerseys, well, I would say that most of these classrooms are hot and have no windows, which make the rooms very uncomfortable. Even with the fans on, it’s still the same. So, I go with a casual look and I go with sports jerseys. They make me feel more comfortable. 

To be able to afford these jerseys, well, I have made some smart investments in picking sports teams and player stats in my (almost) daily investments. Julius Randle was one player I picked at the start of the NBA season, and I have made some profits picking his point totals for various games as well as his PAR (points, assists, rebounds) totals. There were also other investments with point spreads and winners. I have made enough money with these small investments to be able to afford rides, jerseys, and food deliveries. Then, I have reinvested the profits to, some days, have more daily profits in my investments than what I make in teaching in a week. Sometimes more than what I make in teaching in two weeks. So, I have food deliveries. I have rides. I have sports jerseys to make me feel comfortable in hot classrooms. 


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