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Food Review: Milano’s Atlantic City Subs (Dayton, Ohio)

(Originally posted on my food review site, “Let’s Eat Out Once a Week.”)

On Wednesday, December 3, I went to the University of Dayton with D.L. so that I could present a speech to his engineering students. That was the main reason I was in Dayton, to speak in front of these students (and of course, the other reason was that I simply wanted to take a vacation and break away from the daily routine back home).



After my one-hour presentation – I guess I timed it just perfectly – the class ended, and D.L. and I headed over to Milano’s Atlantic City Submarines near campus for some dinner. Milano’s, in fact, is located right next to the University of Dayton and I would imagine is a fairly popular hangout place for students who want to get together after classes. (There are also three other Milano’s locations in Ohio, according to their menu.)


I opted for a small Cheesesteak Pizza, which had grilled steak, onions, green peppers, and cheese as part of its toppings. D.L., meanwhile, went with one of their calzones.



The service was pretty good, and the food came out fast. My pizza was very delicious, though I couldn’t finish it all and had the rest of it packed to go. It was a fun, relaxing place to hang out, and Milano’s also has several flatscreens with different sports channels on. A wonderful place to watch sports and to hang out.


When: Wednesday, December 3, 2014
What: Cheesesteak Pizza
Where: Milano’s Atlantic City Submarines, 1820 Brown Street, Dayton, OH 45409 (right next to the University of Dayton)


Food Review: Waffle House (USA)

(Originally posted on my food blog, Let’s Eat Out Once a Week)

Waffle House is a restaurant chain with over 2,100 locations in 25 states in the U.S., with most of them in the South. I’m pretty sure there’s no Waffle House in Canada, and D.L. was kind enough to treat me to a late dinner at one of their 13 Dayton-area locations after he picked me up at the airport.

The Waffle House location that we went to, which was at 380 East National Road, was just five minutes away from the motel where I was staying. Since I had never been to one of their locations, I asked the server for a recommendation. She suggested their hashbrowns with all of the toppings available:


I went with her suggestion, the Hashbrowns with those various toppings, and also a Leomonade. D.L. went with some waffles and a Leomade/Iced Tea mix. Unfortunately, his waffles were a bit cold, and they didn’t have a microwave at this Waffle House location, so they prepared a brand new plate for him.

As for my hashbrowns, they were great. More importantly, I had a chance to sit down and speak with D.L., who was the reason I was even in Dayton. He’d invited me to give a motivational speech to his class at the University of Dayton. Oddly enough, we didn’t talk about the upcoming speech but talked about some anecdotes from college/university life. It was a fun conversation. We even discussed how the advertising for Waffle House was both effective and ineffective by looking at their colourful menu!



It’s kind of interesting how I ended up in Dayton. I didn’t know D.L. until October, when he sought me out after reading some of my online posts and rants. He thought that I would have some insights to provide to his Engineering Organization Development (Org Behaviour for Engineers) ENM582 class, and he wrote me saying that if I happened to be in the Dayton, Ohio, area for any reason, he would love to have me speak to his class. Well, I hadn’t had a vacation for a long time, so I decided, why not check out Dayton? So that’s how things went down.

There were also some other food places on that same block, including KFC, Burger King, and Hot Air Balloon Lounge.


When: Tuesday, December 2, 2014
What: Hashbrowns with toppings
Where: Waffle House, 380 East National Road, Vandalia, Ohio 45377



Food Review: Bacon Double Cheddar Bigger Burger

(Originally posted on my food blog, Let’s Eat Out Once a Week)

It’d been over two months since Triple O’s came out with the Poutine Burger, and I figured they might have a new promotion, so I checked their website to see if my hunch was right. After all, I’d signed up for their email updates and special offers ages ago, but had never gotten any emails from them.

triple o's

No big deal – not like I want to be burdened with lots of junk mail to begin with… but my hunch was right; according to their website, Triple O’s did have a new promotion: their Bacon Double Cheddar Bigger Burger.

triple o's promotion

I went to try it out on Saturday at the Grandview Highway Chevron location, and once again was greeted with very friendly service. It was the same cashier that took my order the last time I was there back in the summer, and he was super friendly again, calling me “sir” constantly. It’s certainly very refreshing to receive polite service for sure!

The burger was pricey, at C$8.99. For a combo, you pay an extra C$3.50, so after taxes that came up to C$13.11.

photo 1 (3)

The good thing about this location is that it’s very small and cozy, and I noticed on this visit that there was one guy on a computer in the booth at the end and a woman reading a novel at another table. I took the other booth – there are only two of them – and waited for the food to arrive. The cashier brought it over, again very politely, and it was time to eat!

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (3)

photo 2 (4)

The Bacon Double Cheddar Bigger Burger – quite a long name indeed – has beef patty with hickory smoked bacon, cheddar cheese slices, lettuce, tomato, and their unique ‘Triple-O’ sauce. And oh, a slice of pickle goes on the top of the burger as usual. According to their website, this burger is “made with 50% more fresh Canadian beef,” whatever that means!

The burger, in my opinion, was on par with those served in pubs. It was definitely a high-quality burger – none of that McDonald’s Angus nonsense. The beef patty was definitely thick and tasty. The bacon gave it a nice flavour too. If there was anything that could be improved on, though, it’s the quality of the bun they use at this location. It seemed like the bun was too fragile and was about to fall apart. That was the same experience I had in the summer at this same location with another burger.

With the fries, I needed to dip them in ketchup in order to eat them. Normally, I don’t put anything on my fries, but without ketchup – or better yet, gravy – on the Triple O’s fries, they wouldn’t taste too good. I’m not a big fan of Triple O’s fries, but then again, that’s just my own personal taste.

I sat in that booth working on something on my computer after finishing the burger, and then suddenly the heater was turned on. It was too strong and became hard for me to breathe, so I quickly finished off my drink and packed up to go. I noticed, though, the guy in the other booth was still there and working away at his computer. Ahhhh… it’s certainly a nice place to sit down and do that. 🙂

photo 3 (4)

Food Review: Mighty Angus with Jalapeños (McDonald’s)

(Originally posted on my “Let’s Eat Out Once a Week” blog)

ad for mcd

Saw an ad for McDonald’s new Mighty Angus with Jalapeños Burger, and decided to try one out on Tuesday.

Well…actually it’s not “new” because they’ve had this burger in the U.S. since 2013, but apparently it’s only available in Canada now for a limited time. Prior to this so-called “mighty” burger, McDonald’s in Canada already had the Angus Bacon & Cheese and Angus Deluxe on their menu.

I regrettably got this at the much-maligned location on Grandview Highway and Renfrew, where the WiFi was finally working on this day. Nothing else seemed to be.

For starters, they apparently ran out of trays at this location – as I was given a to-go bag even though I stated during the order this was “for here.” Second, as far as I knew, their Monopoly’s game ran till early November…but no stickers for the large fries or pop even though we were still in October. Oh, okay, I realize the stickers are available until they run out, but c’mon…..


Third, the burger looked…fairly ordinary. I wouldn’t call it “mighty” by any means….


Well, it looked nothing like what they showed in the ad… like I said, fairly mediocre. The one in the ad actually looked juicy, while the one I got looked terrible! It looked like this puny burger that got squished or deflated, or something along those lines.

Fourth, I’d asked for McChicken Sauce with the fries but got none. Typical. I did go to the counter to ask for them, though. (Lastly, their monitors weren’t showing Game Six of the World Series – so I was going back and forth with Carson about the game as he was watching it at home in Victoria.)

As for the taste of this “mighty” Angus, I didn’t feel the kick of the jalapeños until I was two-thirds done with the burger. It was a fairly ordinary burger. Nothing about it blew me away. It wasn’t bad, but it was very ordinary. I mean, the burger contained Angus beef topped with BBQ sauce, jalapeño crisps, jalapeños pepper slices, smoked bacon, and Monterey Jack cheese…but it was nothing special. Definitely not “mighty.”


I guess it’s probably better to go down to Rupert Street and have a better burger at Boston Pizza – and also get a chance to watch the game. The “Mighty Angus” is pretty overrated.

When: Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Might Angus with Jalapeños Burger combo, with a large fries and medium drink
How Much: C$9.19 plus tax (which came to a total of C$9.65).
Where: Grandview McDonald’s, 2909 Grandview Highway, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2E4
Final Thoughts: The burger was okay, but there was nothing “mighty” about it.


Review: Sea Tea Cafe (West Vancouver)

(Originally posted on my food blog,

Was in West Vancouver on both days during the weekend, and wanted to check out Sea Tea Cafe on Saturday….only to see that it was closed even though it was only 3:30 p.m. (The sign advertised that they were open daily until 7:00, so I guess whoever was on duty was sick… oh well.) The following day on Sunday, they were open so I decided to get a fruit smoothie.

Sea Tea Cafe is located on the corner of 16th Street and Bellevue Avenue, and it seems like a neat little place. There’s no seating inside, but there are a few tables out front and also in a small patio area to the left of the order window.



I thought it was certainly a nice place to grab a cold beverage and sit in their patio area for a bit. I got their Mixed Berries Smoothie, which was C$5.50 including tax. Yeah, I know we’re in October and it’s a little cooler now, but I simply love my cold beverages!


Oh yeah, the other flavours they have for smoothies are Mango and Peach.



I found a table to sit at and enjoy the smoothie – and gosh, it was really good! It was iced cold – just the way I like it – and very refreshing. I’d had a smoothie at the Renaissance Coffee at SFU recently, and it was no contest. This one at Sea Tea Cafe was way better!

And what can I say about Sea Tea Cafe… There were a few tables for people to sit at and hang out, and a couple of older ladies sat at one and chatted cheerfully. There was a portable radio on a square table playing some soothing music from the French CBC. There was this artificial waterfall in the corner next to where I was sitting. Just a nice, relaxing atmosphere. I enjoyed sitting there for a few minutes sipping on the smoothie. It was great! Peaceful, soothing music, iced cold and refreshing beverage…. very good indeed.



Sea Tea Cafe is also a good place to grab a bite and a beverage en route to a walk along the seawall. It’s definitely a place worth checking out if you’re in the area.


When: Sunday, October 5, 2014
Mixed Berries Smoothie
Where: Sea Tea Cafe, 101-1590 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, BC
How Much: C$5.50 (tax included)