Food Review: Bacon Double Cheddar Bigger Burger

(Originally posted on my food blog, Let’s Eat Out Once a Week)

It’d been over two months since Triple O’s came out with the Poutine Burger, and I figured they might have a new promotion, so I checked their website to see if my hunch was right. After all, I’d signed up for their email updates and special offers ages ago, but had never gotten any emails from them.

triple o's

No big deal – not like I want to be burdened with lots of junk mail to begin with… but my hunch was right; according to their website, Triple O’s did have a new promotion: their Bacon Double Cheddar Bigger Burger.

triple o's promotion

I went to try it out on Saturday at the Grandview Highway Chevron location, and once again was greeted with very friendly service. It was the same cashier that took my order the last time I was there back in the summer, and he was super friendly again, calling me “sir” constantly. It’s certainly very refreshing to receive polite service for sure!

The burger was pricey, at C$8.99. For a combo, you pay an extra C$3.50, so after taxes that came up to C$13.11.

photo 1 (3)

The good thing about this location is that it’s very small and cozy, and I noticed on this visit that there was one guy on a computer in the booth at the end and a woman reading a novel at another table. I took the other booth – there are only two of them – and waited for the food to arrive. The cashier brought it over, again very politely, and it was time to eat!

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (3)

photo 2 (4)

The Bacon Double Cheddar Bigger Burger – quite a long name indeed – has beef patty with hickory smoked bacon, cheddar cheese slices, lettuce, tomato, and their unique ‘Triple-O’ sauce. And oh, a slice of pickle goes on the top of the burger as usual. According to their website, this burger is “made with 50% more fresh Canadian beef,” whatever that means!

The burger, in my opinion, was on par with those served in pubs. It was definitely a high-quality burger – none of that McDonald’s Angus nonsense. The beef patty was definitely thick and tasty. The bacon gave it a nice flavour too. If there was anything that could be improved on, though, it’s the quality of the bun they use at this location. It seemed like the bun was too fragile and was about to fall apart. That was the same experience I had in the summer at this same location with another burger.

With the fries, I needed to dip them in ketchup in order to eat them. Normally, I don’t put anything on my fries, but without ketchup – or better yet, gravy – on the Triple O’s fries, they wouldn’t taste too good. I’m not a big fan of Triple O’s fries, but then again, that’s just my own personal taste.

I sat in that booth working on something on my computer after finishing the burger, and then suddenly the heater was turned on. It was too strong and became hard for me to breathe, so I quickly finished off my drink and packed up to go. I noticed, though, the guy in the other booth was still there and working away at his computer. Ahhhh… it’s certainly a nice place to sit down and do that. 🙂

photo 3 (4)


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