Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Maple & Bacon Poutine

(This post originally appeared on my food blog, “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.”)


I stopped by at McDonald’s wanting to get a salad and hang out for a bit to use their free WiFi,… only to notice their display signs at the till and on their menu board that they were having this “new” Maple & Bacon Poutine.

I’m not sure anymore what’s “new” or what’s recycled at McDonald’s since I don’t keep up with their items, but I did get suckered into wanting to try this poutine. So, scrap the salad idea.

This maple & bacon poutine featured French fries with cheese curds and gravy, along with bacon pieces, maple BBQ sauce, and maple brown sugar. It cost C$4.59 plus tax.


McDonald’s Maple & Bacon Poutine – C$4.59

The poutine was okay, with plenty of gravy. It was certainly better prepared and better tasting than one of their other ones that I had the previous summer. I think, for me, the thing that stuck out the most was the amount of gravy they put in there. And the price was all right too, less expensive than the specialty poutines that Triple O’s has (their Smokehouse poutine was six bucks plus tax). Oh, I also got a pop too, as McDonald’s was having its summer special with all soft drinks at a buck.

As for the all-important question of whether or not I would have this McDonald’s maple & bacon poutine again… I suppose I would, but the best thing would be to have more salad. That was the original purpose of this trip – until I got suckered in by the in-store advertising. These types of poutines can get addictive so it’s best to not even think about them.


When: May 2015
What: Maple & Bacon Poutine; pop
Where: McDonald’s
How Much: C$4.59 + C$1.00 (total C$5.87 including tax)


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