Food Review: White Spot’s Wild Pacific Salmon Burger

(Originally posted on my food review site, “Let’s Eat Out Once a Week.”) 

Had a Wild Pacific Salmon Burger with Salad from White Spot onboard BC Ferries during a recent weekend trip from Vancouver to Nanaimo. I thought I didn’t mind Salmon, but for some reason, I only ate this burger halfway before giving up. The salad, meanwhile, was mediocre and I also had to throw out the last half of it. Not sure what happened, but perhaps I didn’t have an appetite. Or maybe I was too tired and didn’t feel like eating after the first few bites. Whatever the case, I wasn’t a fan of either the burger or the salad. A rare “miss” with White Spot food. (Not that I ever go to the actual White Spot restaurants on a regular basis, and Triple O’s doesn’t count.)


* * * * *

Other Nanaimo tidbits: During my brief stay in Nanaimo, I was invited to a house party where seven of us shared 14 pounds of meat. (Yup, one of the guys weighed all of it.) Wing and ribs. Yummy! My friend marinated the meats for over 48 hours, and took the care to come up with five different flavours of wings. One of them, the jerk wings, was really spicy and my tongue and mouth felt like they were burning after a bite. All in all, a wonderful party and it’s always good to have a weekend house party with wings and ribs!




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