Ever heard of “BackTube”? Now you have…

I was recently asked on a Q&A community site what was one cool thing that I knew that perhaps not so many others did. I responded with the following about an app called “backtube,” which, as of right now, still isn’t talked about online. I mean, you can’t find anything about it when you Google it!

I want to play YouTube playlists on my iPhone but I find that when I close the YouTube app, the playlists stop playing. So, I downloaded a free app called “BackTube” from the App Store on my phone, and it allows me to play YouTube playlists without me having to leave my screen on YouTube.

photo 2

photo 1

Therefore, I can do other tasks on my phone while the playlist is going!

PS: Since I don’t know much about “BackTube” as I can’t find any information about it online, I simply create my own playlist beforehand on YouTube – with a variety of music from multiple artists – and then just search for that playlist on “BackTube” afterward, and bingo! I don’t sign into “BackTube” but just play the playlist by utilizing the “Search” function. It’s like your own CD playing as you’re doing other stuff on your phone!


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