Hopefully this streak continues…

Tonight (Monday, April 24, 2023) was lucky because the Lakers came back to win and covered, and the Kraken also won their game. The Texas Rangers blew their 5-1 lead, which was not the outcome I wanted.

But this winning has continued… Saturday, the profit was $2,633. Sunday, it was $1,651. Tonight, it was 2,776.

I invested $800 on Julius Randle to hit his point targets on Sunday but he had a tough day vs. the Cavaliers. If I had followed the scouting reports (which all said he would not be back to his scoring ways because of his injury), then I would not have picked him. That would have made Sunday’s profit much higher. But I thought he would have a big game at MSG. I was wrong. Oh well.

But hopefully the winning will continue.

To be clear, I don’t classify this as “gambling” or “betting” – nor are these sports “bets.” I call these “smart investments.” There are a couple of very reliable sources that I use and I also spend a lot of time looking at trends and scouting/injury reports. So, let’s hope the success continues.


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