More overreaction with sports reporting these days…

I “love” it when hyperboles are used in sports headlines almost on a weekly basis… like, in baseball, you’ll see on a regular basis something “historic” done by X pitcher or Y hitter with blah blah number of strikeouts or hits, etc., to begin the season or in a blah blah-week stretch, etc.

Today, when you take a look on’s app, you’ll see these on the hockey page:

First of all, it’s not the “sports world” when you click on the story and go through it. It’s actually the hockey world, which makes a big difference. Only reactions from hockey players or commentators — or the league PR or the actual teams — are featured in the story. So, that’s a misleading title.

The other one is a clear overreaction to the 5-OT game from Tuesday night. And only a small section of the actual article mentions it. So… I guess you’d call these “click baits” but c’mon….


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