Life as a Writer – June 27, 2019

It’s been a busy couple of months, as I’ve been dealing with a heavy workload in teaching as well as my writing projects.

In the last couple of weeks, I put a couple of projects on hold – it just worked out that way because I’ve been waiting to hear back from some key people in those projects – so that I could devote more time on the 1992-93 Montreal Canadiens book.

I always knew the submission deadline was June 30th, but I’d put it off since sometime in March, thinking I had a lot of time left. Of course, days became weeks, and weeks became… well, mid-June. At that point, I got more serious and spent time re-reading, revising, adding more content, and finalizing various things (such as photos, the acknowledgment, introduction, and bibliography)… and, the word count was important too. I was also doing a lot of cutting.

By June 25th, I was done. That meant I had five days left before the deadline, but I chose to submit the manuscript then instead of tinkering with it any further for the last five days.

So, that part of it is done. As far as when the book will be launched, well, it won’t happen for months, so there is nothing more I can do at this point.

Yes, I know the timing is weird. When I wrote the 1988 Dodgers book, I did so between April 2017 and late October 2017, wanting it to be published by sometime in 2018. That one finally came out in August 2018 when I submitted the manuscript in November 2017 (after the World Series was completed, because I needed to wait until the outcome of the Dodgers-Astros series was determined as I needed to edit part of the book if Los Angeles won to break their World Series drought).

For this hockey book, it just took longer. Longer to write. Longer to research. Longer for everything. That’s part of life. That’s part of writing. But I’ll be very proud when this one comes out.

Now, time to work on the next projects – one of which will involve another championship team from the past.


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