Life lesson: Surround yourself with positive people; stay away from negative, childish folks

Here’s a reminder that I’ll post here today:

It’s important in life to surround yourself with those who bring positive energy. But not everybody is positive.

Some are childish and negative, and it’s best to ignore those people. It’s important to remember not to stoop to their levels. I’m not talking about child-like behaviour; I’m talking about childishness.

My time is valuable. I’m not going to waste it dealing with people who exhibit those types of behaviour. I think we all know those folks – it’s the people (adults, obviously) who gossip, behave in passive-aggressive manners, and generally act as though they are still in high school… or in kindergarten.

Once you realize that you don’t need negative energy around you – and you stay away from it – you feel much happier in life.


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