Writing & interviewing former athletes between classes…


This was where I interviewed former Flames captain Jim Peplinski about an upcoming book I’m writing. It was a Friday morning, with light rain, and it was at BCIT’s Burnaby campus.


I was not able to book my usual (free) meeting room in time on this particular Friday morning, so I used the time between classes (ie. classes that I’m teaching) to have this interview outdoors – it was good enough for the purposes of the interview.


Then, after that, I went to teach my next class…

This next one here is me getting organized (again, in between classes) as I was about to speak with former major-league pitcher Tim Leary about another upcoming project. This was a Thursday, and I was able to secure a (free) meeting room for the discussion. Right after the call, it was off to my usual class. So, busy times!


This brings back memories of last year, when for months I worked on the 1988 Dodgers book… it was always doing interviews before classes, in between classes, and then writing up notes, editing the manuscript, etc… I enjoyed it all. It was fun.


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