6/12/18 Lesson

Morning Students:

1) Click here for today’s video.

2) After watching the video, write a paragraph on the topic on the board.

3) Read these sentences and then follow the instructions given in class.

Somebody has stolen a motorcycle from outside the school. Some kids saw the thief. The police are searching for the motorcycle now. They will use the kids’ description to catch the thief. Hmm… but I wonder if the kids were able to describe the thief well enough. Meanwhile, Lena wonders if those same kids had stolen the motorcycle themselves! Hmm… interesting…

Some people saw a “flying ghost’ in the sky above Ricky’s house last night. They reported it to the cops. The Prime Minister sent a chopper to look at it more closely. Alas, the “flying ghost” shot the chopper down and killed both men in it. People have given photos of the “flying ghost” to the coppers. Experts are looking at them right now. However, Leah believes the “flying ghost” is really just Ricky using strings in the air and pretending to be a ghost. Adam, meanwhile, really believes it is a ghost and is hiding under his bed these days. He doesn’t want the “flying ghost” to catch him!

Our school is organizing a neat event. The teachers will choose the best project about animals and wildlife. The kids must include pictures and drawings in their projects. The kids will also have to do all the writing themselves. The school will give the winner a free box of crayons. Hahaha! That’s not the most exciting present for kids, right?  

Someone broke into a local pet shop yesterday. The owner had just locked up the shop when a robber wearing a mask and carrying a thick knife threatened him. The robber told him to unlock the shop and release all the puppies in the shop. Then, the robber tied him up. The police have organized a search for the robber. Will they find him (or her)? Doctors are treating the owner of the shop for minor injuries. 

OR: Read the rules for an exciting card game.


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