6/04/18 Lesson

Morning Students:

  1. Watch this video and fill in the blanks on the worksheet (Sheet #2). This is the continuation of last week’s homework.
  2. Watch the same video for this week’s homework (Sheet #3).

English 12 Students:

  1. Click here for a sample student essay for the poem “What I Have Left is Imagining.” (Click here for essay feedback.)
  2. Click here for today’s poem. It is titled “Beyond the Snow Belt” and was used in one of the old provincial exams. Make notes on a piece of paper – remember what we’ve discussed in class many times before about analyzing a poem or short story. (Since some of you do not bother to make notes, I will be posting poems online moving forward – and you can make notes using your own paper.)
  3. After reading “Beyond the Snow Belt,” brainstorm ideas for the following essay question (150+ words, paragraph form): Discuss a major theme presented by the poet. 
  4. Write this essay – remember to time yourself. Give yourself 15 minutes to write this. At the end of 15 minutes, I will collect your paper – even if you are not finished. Remember, we want to get you ready for the exam, so keeping within the time limit is important. Yes, you will have an extra hour during the provincial exam (a total of three hours), but remember if you are able to finish the tasks within the suggested time limit, then you give yourself an extra hour to go back and review your work – so that you are not “rushed” at the end.
  5. You will have 20 minutes to write the following composition topic: Taking advantage of opportunities can be beneficial. This is an old provincial exam topic. Once again, the time limit is important. At the end of 20 minutes, I will collect your paper.

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