Tales from the classroom #005

So, last week I was at this school substituting for Teacher X, who was away for two days. I substituted for this Teacher X on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Teacher X returned on Thursday. Then, on Friday, I was called in to substitute for Teacher Y.

Anyway, at lunchtime on Friday, Teacher X and I were sitting next to each other in the teachers’ room. We were having a small conversation. Then, a student from Teacher X’s class came into the room and asked me a question that he didn’t understand from the textbook – even though his teacher, Teacher X, was sitting right there with me!!!

I thought it was awkward, but I answered the question and the student was satisfied because he understood my explanation. But after the student left, I kept apologizing to Teacher X because it was so awkward! The student should have asked his teacher, not the substitute who just happened to be there that day!


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