Reference book for ESL learners

150commonerrorsESLlearnersI’m very excited to announce on here that I have a new book titled 150 Common Written & Spoken Errors Made by ESL Learners (with Suggested Corrections & Explanations), which will be extremely helpful for ESL learners as they try to master the English language.

Having taught and helped thousands of students over the years, I’ve come across the same types of errors that many students seem to make – and I’ve compiled a list of 150 of those common ones in this book. Before publishing it, of course, I used several of those “lessons” in my classes and my students thoroughly enjoyed them.

What I can say is that if you’re an ESL learner, this book will help you. If you go through the examples and explanations in each section – and learn them by heart – you will find that your English will gradually improve.

Pick up a copy of the book today!


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