Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Western BBQ Burger

(This post originally appeared on my food review blog, “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.”)

McDonald’s so-called “Great Canadian Taste Adventure” of 2015 continued June 10-June 16 with the “Alberta” Western BBQ Burger.


I was at the Langley Walnut Grove location on 88th Avenue, and on this evening the wait was extra long – not sure what was going on in the back. Apparently, the staff felt it too and, on their own volition, they gave me a “free fries” voucher for my next visit.


This burger was actually delicious! The BBQ sauce was very tasty, with crunchy frizzled onions. I liken this burger to Triple O’s Smokehouse Burger from several months ago. This McDonald’s Western BBQ Burger tasted just like it – very yummy indeed! It was actually a very simple burger, but delicious.

At this Langley location, this Alberta burger combo was C$8.29. I would imagine, based on past experience, if I were to go to the McDonald’s in Vancouver, it would be 10 cents more expensive (and 30 cents extra for the same item in Richmond).


McDonald’s Western BBQ Burger Combo (includes fries and medium drink) – C$8.29 (combo price at Walnut Grove Langley location)

Anyway, I liked this burger, more so than the Ontario burger from the week before. I guess it’s a good thing that McDonald’s will have it for just a week, though. It could be addictive, and I wouldn’t want to stop by Mickey Dee’s on a regular basis to get it. According to the McDonald’s website, this Western BBQ Burger “brings you the taste of the Prairies with sweet and smokey BBQ flavour.” Can’t argue with that, and if I were to make a comparison, then Alberta’s burger flavour is definitely better than Ontario’s, based on what McDonald’s has been serving.


And oh, they had flatscreens showing Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals on this night at this particular Langley location. I caught parts of the second period – and saw Tampa Bay’s tying goal (though I missed Chicago’s opening score from just a few minutes earlier) – before taking off. Good burger, hockey game, and a good place to relax for a little bit. Not bad at all!


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