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Stats, stats, stats…

I love stats, but THIS is too much… this must be some kind of “new” reporting that the writer invented. Since when do game recaps talk about “save percentage” for ONE game??? Normally, the reporter would mention how many shots the goalie faced and/or how many saves he made. Now, “save percentage” for a single game is being referenced. C’mon. Those stats are for season numbers or for a stretch over an X number of games.

Seeing the Pct stat for one game is just too much.

Reviews for “The K.P. Wee Podcast”

It appears that iTunes reviews for podcasts can only be viewed in the countries where the reviews are posted, so — as I’m in Canada — I can’t see any that are posted by listeners from the U.S. for “The K.P. Wee Podcast.”

Fortunately, a friend living in the States sent me a screenshot of some reviews he saw on iTunes for my podcast:


The K.P. Wee Podcast: Episode 3

In an interview recorded earlier in the summer of 2020, former MLB catcher Don Slaught discusses, among other things, RightView Pro (now V1 Sports), a company he started which offers video analysis systems for baseball and softball, licensed by MLB, the MLB Players’ Association, and the National Pro Fastpitch. He also mentions OnBase University, a company he operates with the goal of educating coaches in baseball and softball in order to help their players reach their potential.

The conversation with Slaught, the former MLB catcher who enjoyed a 16-year big-league career, is part of a longer chat which will be featured in a chapter of a new book that I’m writing.

Here is the episode:

For more information, check out RightView Pro:

V1 Sports:

OnBase University:

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More overreaction with sports reporting these days…

I “love” it when hyperboles are used in sports headlines almost on a weekly basis… like, in baseball, you’ll see on a regular basis something “historic” done by X pitcher or Y hitter with blah blah number of strikeouts or hits, etc., to begin the season or in a blah blah-week stretch, etc.

Today, when you take a look on’s app, you’ll see these on the hockey page:

First of all, it’s not the “sports world” when you click on the story and go through it. It’s actually the hockey world, which makes a big difference. Only reactions from hockey players or commentators — or the league PR or the actual teams — are featured in the story. So, that’s a misleading title.

The other one is a clear overreaction to the 5-OT game from Tuesday night. And only a small section of the actual article mentions it. So… I guess you’d call these “click baits” but c’mon….

The K.P. Wee Podcast: Episode 2

In an interview recorded on the opening weekend of the pandemic-abbreviated 2020 Major League Baseball season, former LA Dodger official team photographer (and current Southern California-based lifestyle photographer) Richard Kee discusses how he got his start working for one of the most storied franchises in the game and offers advice to students and others on how to “get into the game.”

Check out Richard’s websites:

Click here for the podcast episode.

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