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Podcast episode #18: Baseball Hall of Fame discussion with Jason Takefman

As mentioned in the episode, I very rarely discuss sports with others because they simply don’t want to hear anything other than their own opinions. So, it was a good chance to talk about them with Jason Takefman. It is, after all, my own platform to voice my opinions.

Challenging times, but I did it…

The year 2020 has been challenging for everybody, of course, and I’m not going to downplay that.

For me as a writer, it has been tough because I am one who relies on being out of the home in order to have the creativity to write — and motivation to do my research and keep writing.

Being stuck indoors hasn’t helped. I had a Barry Bonds manuscript that was due on December 1, 2020. I couldn’t finish and asked for an extention. I was given until December 24th. Finally, with the week of December 21st being a reduced work schedule thanks to the Christmas holidays, I was able to compelte the manuscript at last today, Wednesday, December 23rd. The manuscript and photo information have been sent to the publisher. What a relief!

Podcast Episode 5: Broadcaster Chris King

In Episode 5 of The K.P. Wee Podcast, Minor League Baseball broadcaster Chris King stops by to chat life in the minor leagues.

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Reviews for “The K.P. Wee Podcast”

It appears that iTunes reviews for podcasts can only be viewed in the countries where the reviews are posted, so — as I’m in Canada — I can’t see any that are posted by listeners from the U.S. for “The K.P. Wee Podcast.”

Fortunately, a friend living in the States sent me a screenshot of some reviews he saw on iTunes for my podcast:


The K.P. Wee Podcast: Episode 3

In an interview recorded earlier in the summer of 2020, former MLB catcher Don Slaught discusses, among other things, RightView Pro (now V1 Sports), a company he started which offers video analysis systems for baseball and softball, licensed by MLB, the MLB Players’ Association, and the National Pro Fastpitch. He also mentions OnBase University, a company he operates with the goal of educating coaches in baseball and softball in order to help their players reach their potential.

The conversation with Slaught, the former MLB catcher who enjoyed a 16-year big-league career, is part of a longer chat which will be featured in a chapter of a new book that I’m writing.

Here is the episode:

For more information, check out RightView Pro:

V1 Sports:

OnBase University:

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