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Dec 2014: Motivational Speech to Engineering Students @ University of Datyon

From Dec. 2014: I was asked to make a motivational speech to inspire international students in third-year Engineering at the University of Dayton (OH).

Unfortunately, they didn’t film this and I recorded it myself but the recorder didn’t have enough space at the end so the recording is incomplete.

The purpose was to help the class, most of which consisted of international students, feel inspired and realize it’s possible for them to get adjusted to North American life. Their professor had reached out to me to fly down there to motivate and inspire them – and I accepted.


Food Review: Anda Miro Korean Bistro (Kingsway/Vancouver)

Note: This was originally posted on my food blog, Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.

I had not been to Anda Miro Korean Bistro for months until this particular visit in August. In fact, prior to this visit, I had not even eaten out (ie. in a sit-down restaurant) for weeks.

Anda Miro Korean Bistro (Kingsway and Slocan in Vancouver), as usual, was busy on this particular evening. It’s always busy with large groups (families and friends, etc.), but for me I was solo.


I ordered the #21 Seol Leong Tang which was slow simmered beef and bone marrow broth with noodles and beef. I also had the small Chicken Wings (7 pieces).

As usual, they brought out some side dishes and a bowl of rice. (I really hate it in Chinese restaurants where you have to pay extra for rice.)



The chicken wings weren’t THAT great. I mean, I’d had better ones than these. They were decent – not great.


As for the Seol Leong Tang, meanwhile, the soup was very sweet and delicious. The beef pieces were tender, and I felt that there was enough meat in there. I’m generally not a fan of the noodles but overall the soup was wonderful.



Anda Miro, I think, is a great neighbourhood restaurant that provides wonderful dishes. I would definitely return again at some point in the future.