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5/31/18 Lesson

  1. Here is an example of the 5-sentence answer that I discussed in class.
  2. Error Correction exercise – Read an essay written by a student for comprehension, and fix the mistakes contained in each sentence.



Quote of the day…

Whatever you are, be a good one.

Quote 149


This is a good time to remind ourselves… don’t be like “Shawn” from “Tales from the Classroom #007“…. Don’t be a joke. Be someone who wants constant self-improvement. #addicted  #constant  #selfimprovement


Time for some Yogi-ism…

Which baseball fan doesn’t like one of those Yogi-isms? #mental #physical #baseball


May 9, 2018 Vancouver Canadians Game Day (TSN1040)

Whew… a day of teaching during the day and then off to the TSN Radio studios to talk baseball as a guest on Vancouver Canadians Game Day.

Here’s the episode.